What is a micro-filter?

Why do I need to use micro-filters?

Micro-filters stop broadband and voice signals interfering with each other.
Without micro-filters your broadband will not function correctly . You may also hear high-pitched noises when using your telephone line.

What does a micro-filter look like?

They look like a telephone adaptor/line splitter - a device that lets you connect two telephones to one line.
Each micro-filter has two sockets. One to connect to your router- usually labelled ADSL or DSL
The other is to connect a telephone handset or another device like a fax or answering machine.


How do I connect a micro-filter?

  • Remove the existing telephone cable from your wall socket.
  • Plug the micro-filter into the empty socket.
  • Plug the phone cable into the micro-filter's phone socket.

Follow these rules to avoid problems with your micro-filter setup

  • If your router is plugged into an extension cable, only use a micro-filter on one end - not both.
  • Avoid 'double filtering' - don't connect one micro-filter to another.
  • You can connect two or more telephone devices to one micro-filter if you have a splitter.
  • If you don't have enough micro-filters leave something unplugged until you can get some more.
  • If you're not using one of your phone sockets then there's no need to connect a micro-filter.

What to do if you're still having problems

Unplug everything from your telephone line and connect your router directly to your master telephone socket.

If this fixes the problem then something you've unplugged was the cause.

To find out which device was causing the problem reconnect your devices one at a time checking for problems after each one.
You'll probably find that something isn't connected to a micro-filter, or that one of your micro-filters is faulty in which case simply replace it.

If this doesn't fix the problem, try another micro-filter but this time plug it directly in to the Master Test Socket.

If there's still a problem you should contact your broadband provider, if that's us give us a call or CLICK HERE.