Slow Broadband Speeds

There are many factors which can affect the speed of your broadband service.
Before you try to report this as a fault, you need to check these out first.

Anyway, how fast should your broadband connection be?
When you first ordered your broadband you will have been told what the maximum speeds you could expect to get would be.
Many factors dictate what the maximum expected speeds might be - distance from the telephone exchange being one of the most important.
Broadband is never an exact product offering the same consistent performance at all times. The product adapts to your local conditions and there is always a trade-off between obtaining the fastest possible speeds and the most stable connection.
Try this test first to see what broadband speed your line can support

To check what speeds your line might provide - Click Here

Now you know what speed your line could support and still give you a stable connection, have a look at what your current speed is and how your broadband is profiled.

In order to get an accurate result you must do the following:-

  • Disconnect all devices from your router.
  • Plug only the computer running the speed test into the router
  • The computer performing the test should not have any running other programs, apart from the web browser.


To check your current speeds - Click here