Horizon Handsets

We are currently offering FREE handsets on all Horizon system installations when you sign up to a 3 or 5 year deal. If you do not want to commit to a long term contract we can provide the service on a month-to-month or yearly basis, but you will need to purchase the handsets yourselves.


Free Handsets - What's Included?

You can choose between a Polycom VVX411 deskphone with colour display and ten programmable buttons or a Yealink cordless DECT handset. If required we can also provide an analogue adapter, for use with any POT phone or analogue devices such as fax or PDQ machines.


Polycom VVX411Yealink W52P



Other Models

If you do not take advantage of our free handset incentive we offer some cheaper handsets in the same Polycom range. The only difference between these and the VVX411 are a colour display and number of programmable buttons.

Polycom VVX201 handsets are available free for schools and registered charities, we also offer a discounted cost on subscriptions for these organisations to help keep costs down.


Polycom VVX201Polycom VVX301


We also offer two models of full colour touchscreen Polycom handsets. The VVX 500 features 12 programmable buttons and supports USB headsets, the VVX 600 is similar but has 16 programmable buttons and a wider, higher resolution screen.


Polycom VVX500Polycom VVX600


If you require a conference unit the Polycom IP5000 will meet all of your requirements.

Polycom IP5000