Horizon FAQ's

Is Horizon expensive to install?

Unlike traditional telephone systems there are very few components required, meaning there is a minimal capital outlay and no on-site equipment to maintain.

How quickly can a new system be set up?

If an internet connection is already present and no numbers require porting we could set up the system within 5 days.

Will there be any downtime when we change the system?

You will continue to use your current telephone system and lines up until the numbers port to Horizon. We will have the Horizon system completely setup before this occurs, so the downtime is limited to how long it takes to plug the new handsets in. In some cases we may be able to connect the phones prior to the numbers porting to make the switch seamless.

What equipment is required?

Horizon requires an internet connection to operate, usually we will install this but it is becoming more common for organisations to use their existing high bandwidth circuits.
You will likely require a PoE network switch in order to provide connectivity and power to the handsets, although we can supply local power supplies if required.
Handsets, soft phones or mobile applications will be required to make and receive calls.

Can I manage the system myself, or do Siebert need to do this?

We are happy to provide full admin training if you wish to manage the system yourself; alternatively we offer a range of managed services which allow you to make a specific (or unlimited) number of requests per year to us for changes. If you feel that you won’t need to make any changes you do not need to take either option, however any changes would incur a £65 remote programming fee.

What is the call quality like?

Call quality is dependent on the speed and reliability of the internet connection being used. Siebert offer a dedicated managed, voice only broadband connection which is stress tested to ensure it can support the number of calls/handsets you require.

Can I take my handset with me if I go abroad?

As long as you have an internet connection and a method of supplying power to the phone, you can use it almost anywhere in the world*.
If you don’t want to carry a full handset with you, a soft phone for use on your laptop/PC or our mobile application may be more suitable.
*Some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, block connections using VoIP phones.

Can we use our 0800 number on Horizon?

We cannot port non-geographic numbers to Horizon, but in most cases we can take these over and amend the destination to a number on your new system.
The system can be programmed to send out your 0800 number so that this is what your customers see.

How many new numbers can we order?

There is no limit to the quantity of numbers we can program on Horizon.

What happens if my phone breaks?

If your handset naturally stops working and hasn’t been physically damaged in any way we will replace this free of charge.