Horizon Additions

The majority of features available on Horizon are included as standard (see Horizon Features for a full list), however, there are numerous additional add-ons and applications which further enhance the system for a minimal monthly fee.


Smartphone App

Smartphone integration for both Android and iOS is available for Horizon on a per extension basis. The application allows you to connect to your company system anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection (Wi-Fi). Any calls made to your extension number or DDI are presented on your mobile phone and any calls made will go through the Horizon system, preventing your mobile number from becoming known.



Desktop Client

The horizon Desktop Client, or soft phone, is a Windows application which allows you to login to your extension on your PC/laptop, removing the need for a standard desk phone. Most modern devices will meet the minimum spec for the software, so the only requirement is a stable internet connection and a USB headset or built in microphone and speakers.
The soft phone operates just like a normal phone and also includes Presence and Instant Messaging. You can access the directory, dial pad and call history, set call forwards, activate and deactivate do not disturb and set predefined profiles.



Outlook and CRM Integration

Horizon Integrator is a Windows application which allows you to control your extension from your PC or laptop without logging on to your user portal. You can dial and answer calls directly from your desktop, preview calls and contacts from Outlook before answered and click to dial from webpages and Outlook.
Integrator can also be linked to your organisations CRM system, allowing you to dial directly from the CRM application and automatically open customer details when they call you.




Call Recording

Horizon has a built in call recording feature which can be accessed by the admin portal. Calls can be recorded on a percentage, per user or per call basis, incoming or outgoing. If calls are set to record on demand, you can start the recording at any time and still record the entirety of the conversation.
You are only charged for call recording once a call has been stored and charges are calculated on a monthly basis, depending on the amount of storage used. Costs can be kept to a minimum if calls are downloaded and deleted often.




Call Queueing

Because the Horizon system is Cloud based, calls can be queued without taking up on-site resources. By queuing calls you can minimise the number of handsets/lines required, whilst ensuring your customers are kept happy because they will not receive an engaged tone when contacting you.
With a queue group subscription you can queue up to 25 callers per number, playing hold music and up to four comfort messages until their call is answered.




Receptionist Console

If your organisation takes a lot of calls at reception rather than directly to groups or individual users the Horizon Receptionist Console could make call routing a lot easier for you. A user can login to the receptionist console via a web portal, which ensures efficient call handling across single or multi sites. The portal also provides visibility of up to 800 contacts and allows management and prioritisation of call queues.




Akixi Call Reporting

Basic call reporting is included as standard on Horizon. This allows you to view all incoming and outgoing calls made, which can be extremely helpful but may not provide the level of detail you need - for instance if you are operating a contact or call centre.
Akixi provides complete call management information and includes a variety of features including:

  • Portal-based application, no need for costly servers
  • Real time statistics, including wallboards
  • Automated reports
  • Cradle to grave reporting