Working Out of Hours

Using telecommunications to extend and manage your operating hours

Businesses extend their hours of operation for a variety of reasons like these:-

Out of Hours Working
  • To be available when their customers need service.
  • To sell more by being available longer than their competitors.
  • To provide out of hours technical or on-site support services.

are operational and staffing issues in working beyond the conventional Monday to Friday 9 to 5 period and these issues can bring associated costs.
We've helped many customers to overcome these challenges and maintain acceptable costs.

Here are some of ways we've been able to solve these problems.

Auto-receptionists handle and distribute calls 24/7
We can set up auto-receptionists to handle a huge variety of call types.
They can identify calls for departments which are closed and take messages or even conduct payment transactions out-with normal working hours.
They can answer service calls and validate customer contract numbers, before looking up rotas of duty engineers and putting the call through to a correct engineer.
They can put the call through to the correct regional engineer just by checking the STD code of the caller against the engineer's rota.

Enabling home-workers or contractors to handle out of hours calls.
The use of home-workers can be a very cost effective method of recruiting core service or sales team agents to operate out-with normal working hours.
Our systems can provide full integration with these agents either to handle all calls out-with normal working hours or to provide extra resources at peak times to supplement your team in the office.

Out of Hours messaging.
Some customers prefer to have their out of hours service or emergency call-out staff receive messages rather than live calls.
This prevents out of hours staff already engaged with customers from being interrupted.
They receive emails containing voicemail messages as attachments containing details of their next job or call out.

Out of Hours statistics and reports
Using one or more combinations of some of the techniques above it is also possible to generate call reports on a wide range of aspects of out of hours activity.
This is invaluable in monitoring the effectiveness and volumes of out of hours operation to ensure response levels are maintained and to evaluate under or over-staffing levels and thus maintain profitable operation.

Many of our customers are using one, several or even all of these techniques to drive or enhance their Out-of-Hours operations and ensure that vital standards and contractual service levels are maintained whilst controlling costs.

Call us free or use our Ask the Experts service to discuss how these techniques and others can transform and enhance Out-of-Hours operations in your business.