Increasing Sales

Using telecommunications to increase sales.

We are regularly involved in projects where the main objective is to increase sales.
No two customers approach this in quite the same way even when at times the main technologies used are similar. There is always a subtlety or slight difference between approaches because a good solution will reflect the ethos and methods of individual businesses. These are what make them different from their competitors and wherever possible we help them to capitalise on these strengths.

These are a few of the techniques we have incorporated into our customers sales processes.
In most cases several of these techniques can be combined to maximise the effect.

Using different numbers to direct calls to sales specialists.

By advertising different numbers for different sales groups or product groups we can direct incoming calls to specialist groups or individuals to maximise sales.
Regularly used by travel, insurance and financial services businesses and where a wide variety of products or services are sold requiring special expertise or selling techniques.
Calls can be routed to different groups/individuals at different times of day/week and can overflow at peak periods to a 2nd group avoiding missed calls.

Sales Stats

Using one number to direct calls to sales specialists
The same effect can be set up using only one number. These calls would be answered by an auto-attendant where the caller hears options. ‘Dial 1 for European Holidays, 2 for Caribbean holidays’ etc. The same overflow at busy periods or at pre-set times of the day/week can still be used.

Using Dynamic Sales Scripts
Incoming sales calls for different products/services can trigger different sales scripts to pop up on the salesperson’s screen providing the salesperson with valuable reference material, scripts of proven selling techniques or simple reminders of features and benefits.
Can enable experienced sales people to sell wider ranges of products by providing the reference material they need instantly.
Can be invaluable to trainee sales-people as a visual aid and to instil confidence.
Great for everyone where new products/services are being launched.

Selling more products/services to existing Customers
By integrating the company database or CRM system incoming calls from existing customers can trigger the customer account or sales history records to pop up on the sales-persons screen.
The salesperson see sales patterns, products and services already ordered and can then introduce new products or services into the conversation.

Using predictive dialling to maximise sales calls.
This technology allows call plans to be compiled using existing CRM/database lists or lists purchased from list brokers. The system then automatically generates outgoing calls from the lists in any pre-determined order or schedule to maximise potential sales opportunities. Different schedules can be compiled to accommodate different campaigns as required.

Sales Messages on Hold
Callers placed on hold or held in queues for sales teams can hear sales messages describing new products, news of incentives or special offers to stimulate additional sales opportunities.

Using Multi-media in the sales environment.
Web site links to generate sales calls or even web-chat sessions can be integrated with the telephone system and will deliver these calls or chat sessions to the sales specialist or specialist groups to ensure that all incoming sales enquiries are handled by the people most likely to generate sales from them.

24/7 Automated Sales.
Sales calls can be automatically routed to agents, sales people working from home or outside contractors in evenings or weekends to extend your hours of trading indefinitely if required.
Auto-attendants can be linked to your order entry systems to provide voice-prompts guiding your callers to place orders and pay by credit card 24/7 so customers can respond to your marketing messages whenever they might see them.

Many of our customers are using one, several or even all of these techniques to maximise their sales by ensuring they make the process of selling as easy as possible for the sales-person and for the customer.

Call us free or use our Ask the Experts service to discuss how these techniques and others can transform and drive increased sales in your business.