Improved Credit Control

Putting more control into credit control

Here are some simple but really effective methods used by some of our customers in their day to day credit control activities.

Credit Control

Click to Dial
Credit Control teams spend a lot of time on the phone chasing payments and negotiating settlement dates.
With our click-to-dial facility they can highlight any telephone number on their screens and just click to dial it. The numbers might be on spreadsheets, database reports, accounts programmes even web sites. Whatever medium they are using in their day to day work they can click to dial without having to close windows and open customer directories.

Predictive Dialling
Lists of numbers can be easily imported into our predictive dialling facility.
This really speeds up the process of making a lot of credit control calls.
You can control the timing of the process but essentially as soon as the last call from the list is finished the next number is dialled automatically.

Intercept incoming calls
Lists of your customers whose accounts are on hold are easily imported into a telephone system routing plan. If any of these customers call your business, regardless of who they are trying to reach, the system automatically routes their call to your credit control department.
The call can be tagged to say 'Account on Hold' or something similar and with compatible customer databases, accounts programmes or CRM systems their account details can also be made to pop-up onto the screen of who-ever answers the call.

Call us free or use our Ask the Experts service to discuss how these techniques and others can transform and enhance credit control operations in your business.

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