Disaster Recovery

Disasters and emergencies happen. Contingency planning needs to happen too.

80% of Business transactions are still conducted by telephone.
When a disaster or emergency strikes you need plans in place to limit the effects of a potential major loss of business and possibly of customers.

Disaster Recovery

We have worked with many customers to create contingency plans for immediate, short and medium term scenarios following a sudden disaster or emergency incident.
Many insurance companies insist upon this type of contingency planning and premiums can be affected accordingly.

Here are some of ways we've been able to help customers with solutions for disaster or emergency scenarios.

Immediate Action
We can provide an automatic fail-over diversion facility. Important numbers can be diverted automatically upon failure of lines.
These numbers can be routed to alternative numbers of your choice. Other branches or offices, home or mobile numbers are generally selected allowing immediate continuity of communication pending more permanent arrangements being made.
You have complete control over this facility with immediate and secure customer-controlled access to re-route calls to chosen destinations from any internet enabled device.

Virtual Numbers
Most business numbers are geographically based. They contain a geographic element (the STD code) which is related to your local telephone exchange.
Following a disaster or emergency your business may be forced to relocate temporarily outside of your normal telephone exchange area.
This can be problematic to maintaining continuity of telecommunications.
By converting your numbers to virtual numbers they can be re-routed instantly to any number anywhere - allowing you complete flexibility in terms of where your business can operate from.
Your customers and other callers continue to dial the same numbers as usual.

Safe storage of system back-ups and fast restore
Siebert customers can back-up their system configuration and programming and upload it to our secure web-site server each time programming changes are made.
In the event of a disaster or emergency our engineers can provide a replacement system configured exactly as your system was and restore your exact programming set-up for complete business continuity.
We are also able to provide this solution in alternative locations like business centres or a temporary bureau.
Coupled with virtual numbers, this represents a very high level of resilience for emergency contingency planning.

Call us free or use our Ask the Experts service to discuss how these techniques and others can form part of your disaster planning.