Improving your Service

Using telecommunications to improve customer service

We have been involved in many projects designed to improve the customer care regimes of our clients. No two customers approach this in quite the same way even when at times the main technologies used are similar. Different approaches and solutions reflect the character of different businesses, allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Custoemr Service

These are just a few of the techniques we have used in developing top-notch customer care processes with our customers.
Often, techniques like these can be combined to maximum effect.

Using different numbers to direct calls to service specialists.
By featuring different numbers in marketing media for different individual specialists we can direct incoming calls to the people best able to respond to the customer’s current needs.
Regularly used by service companies where a wide variety of services are offered. Technical Support, Product Returns, Despatch, Appointment Desks, Advice Help-lines are all examples where incoming calls are directed based on the number dialled. Calls can be routed to different groups/individuals at different times of day/week and can overflow at peak periods to a 2nd group avoiding missed calls.

Using one number to direct calls to different Service Teams
The same effect can be set up using only one number. These calls would be answered by an auto-attendant where the caller hears options. ‘Dial 1 for Technical Support, 2 for Warranty Returns’ etc. The same overflow at busy periods or at pre-set times of the day/week can still be used.

Personalising your Customer Services
Having ensured that service calls are routed to the appropriate people, we can integrate the system with email, CRM or other systems whereby calls from existing customers are recognised before being answered and customer names are displayed on handsets allowing the call to be answered in a more personal.
Extending this facility still further we can make the relevant customer account or service history records pop-up on the screen so that all relevant information is available to the service team.

Priority Customer Service

  • We can set up schedules of priority customers so that their numbers are recognised and calls are automatically routed to Key Account managers – even if those managers are working out of the office, at other branches or even at home.
  • 24/7 or other Out of Hours schedules can be built into these schedules.
  • Customers can even be routed automatically to the person they dealt with last time they called.

Using Dynamic Response Scripts

  • Incoming calls for different service-types can trigger different response scripts to pop up on the Service Team’s screens providing them with valuable reference material, details of Service Level Agreements or simple reminders of key elements required to maintain service standards
  • Can enable experienced service people to handle wider ranges customer types by providing the reference material they need instantly.
  • Can be invaluable to trainee sales-people as a visual aid and to instil confidence.
  • Great for everyone where new services are being introduced.

Using Multi-media in the service environment.
Web site links to generate service calls or web-chat sessions can be integrated with the telephone system and will deliver these calls or chat sessions to the service specialist or specialist groups to ensure that all incoming service calls are handled by the people most likely to be able to help.

Call Recordings help meet Service Level Agreements and monitor Key Performance Indicators
Recording some calls, all calls or somewhere in between provides protection to your service teams in areas of dispute, ensures the fullest details of calls are retained and allows your managers or training people to monitor customer service staff and ensure that they are handling calls exactly as they should be.

Cradle to grave reports on your customer care performance.

  • Simple call-logging reports and the customisable reports available with our more integrated call management systems ensure you can monitor your response times, busy periods, staffing levels and other key performance indicators.
  • The trapping of data related to unanswered or abandoned calls to your service teams can also used to generate automatic recalls to these customers.

24/7 Automated Services.

  • Calls can be automatically routed to service staff working from home or mobile service engineers in evenings or weekends to extend your hours of service indefinitely if required.
  • Auto-attendants can be linked to your ‘On-call’ or ‘On duty’ schedules or rotas and will automatically route service or support wherever the schedules indicate. Integration with email systems also enables calls or messages to be accompanied by email notification to the on-duty team for extra resilience.

Many of our customers are using one, several or even all of these techniques to improve and monitor their customer care processes, ensure that vital standards and contractual service levels are maintained and make the process as easy as possible for the customer and for the service team.

Call us free or use our Ask the Experts service to discuss how these techniques and others can transform and drive increased sales in your business.