Complaints Procedure

Our Customer Complaints Procedure

At Siebert we try to provide the highest levels of service at all time however occasionally, something may happen that causes a drop in our high standards.

In this event we welcome your feedback. We will do whatever we can to remedy any situation and to ensure that it is not repeated.

If you have an issue that you have not been able to resolve via our Service Department or your usual point of contact and you wish to make a complaint then please complete our Complaints Form. You can download the form by clicking the download button below.

Alternatively please make your complaint in writing to Customer Services, Siebert Industries Ltd, Blackfaulds House, Drumhead Place, Glasgow, G32 8EY or

• We shall acknowledge that your complaint has been received within 24 working hours.

• We shall then investigate your complaint fully. This may involve interviewing members of staff or liaising with suppliers/manufacturers. You may also be asked for clarification or further information on the points that you raised.

• We shall endeavour to resolve your complaint within 7 days of receipt. If this is not possible then we will keep in regular contact with you providing updates until the investigation has been closed.

• Once closed, we will send you written confirmation of the outcome of the investigation within 7 working days.


If Siebert are unable to resolve your complaint to your full satisfaction then you should note that we are a member of the CISAS scheme which is an Ofcom approved independent Alternative Dispute Resolution company. For rules of the scheme or to submit a request you should visit

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