We all need to take phone calls but a lot of the calls we take are less important than the work they interrupt.



If you don’t use voicemail or you use voicemail like an old-fashioned answering machine, chances are you aren't making the most of your time.


Our voicemail solutions are not complicated at all.
Easy to manage and flexible enough to adapt easily to your changing needs

You control or change how your voicemail handles your calls in minutes
Simple, familiar-looking voicemail menus on your PC and/or intuitive visual-voice displays on your handsets – just press the button for the function you need.

Easy to set up, easy to update, but with a range of features that will handle all your messaging needs.

Call us free or use our Ask the Expert or Try it Before you Buy It service and let us show you how to take control of your time but never miss important messages.

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Work undisturbed by phone calls - except for that one important call you do need to take
Decide who you want to speak to and who has to leave a message.
Decide who you want to take messages from and send the rest to someone else in the business.
Give your callers options to leave a message or transfer to a colleague or just go away!
Have messages delivered to you only when you want them regardless of where you are working.
Delegate tasks by copying messages to colleagues along with specific instructions about what you want to be done.
Send a message instantly to everyone in the business at the same time – passing on good news and important information in a really personal way.

Improved caller experience – busy tone and no answers are minimised or eliminated.
Callers can route their own enquiries using prompts, menus and single digit options.
24/7 coverage for your business – messages left at any time even when from different time-zones.
Automatic scheduling of features allows calls to be handled differently according to time of day, day of week or specified dates like public holidays.
Information can be provided to callers in or out of hours using text-to speech (audio-text) technology.
Messages and even faxes can be accessed from anywhere and even accessed using your email system from where they can be forwarded to colleagues.
Your employees are able to respond to your customer’s queries and enquiries quicker than ever due to increased access to messages wherever they are located and at any time.
Employees can focus on critical or key tasks free from interruptions.
Personalised greetings ensure your callers know when you are available and what to do if you aren’t.
Ensures messages are always received and are accurate and don’t tie up colleagues in taking messages for you.
Ensures secure storage of messages with PIN-code access