Smart Systems

Our systems can give your business a real competitive advantage.

Connect to every type of line - analogue, digital, VOIP and SIP.
You get exactly the right mix for your needs. Keep your costs under control without compromising innovation and flexibility. Connect to your customers, other offices and home-workers.

Deliver your inbound Sales & Service calls to the people best placed to deal with them
Wherever they are - in the office, on the road, working from home, your best people will get the important calls every time.

Connect to your computer network

  • Dial out from your email or customer database or mailing lists and canvassing lists.

  • Screen-pop your customers or prospect database details automatically when they call in so your team have all the relevant info at their finger tips every time.

  • Deliver all your voicemail, email and fax mail to one place wherever you are working.

  • Connect your other offices anywhere in the world for free calls and instant contact.

  • Provide real time and historical stats and reports to monitor performance, spot trends and maintain cost control.


All of this is just scratching the surface. Call us to find out more or come and see for yourself how the right system can transform the way you do business.

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