Basic Systems

Some businesses only need a basic telephone system - we understand that.happy customers

We have a lot of customers throughout Scotland who have very simple requirements from their systems.
Sometimes all that is needed is the ability to make or take quite small numbers of calls and have their system take a message when no-one is available to answer.

We've done this for accountants and builders, caravan parks and dentists, engineers and florists, golf clubs and heating companies - right through to yacht clubs and zooparks.

We can supply low cost, very reliable basic systems starting from 2 lines and 3 or 4 extensions.

We can show you a range of  basic systems that will last you for years.

We can even make sure that you have low line rental and low cost calls too.

You can even keep your old numbers.


Call us now to find out about great deals on basic telephone systems with low cost lines and calls.

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