Multiple Sites/Locations

If your business operates from more than one location you can really beneftit from reduced operating costs, economies of scale and enhanced communications.

Better communication at lower costs!

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  1. Company-wide Voice Networking
  2. Centralising technology

  3. Centralising key staff.

  4. De-Centralising key staff.

  5. Using less hardware.

  6. Pooling Lines & Numbers


1. Free calls between all sites – 365/24/7.
Some customers don’t even have telephone systems on all sites and still have free  calls.

2. No need to have separate voicemail systems, call recorders, call management systems at each location.
Just install them centrally and have everyone access the facilities they need across the network – huge cost savings!!

3. No need to hire local experts at every branch or location.
If your customers need particular advice, their calls can be transferred to anywhere on the network at no cost.

4. Key members of staff working effectively from different offices.
They can have one extension number with one Direct Dial number and one voicemail box whichever office they work from.
Always available regardless of location - this is very efficient and cost effective.

5. Less hardware means lower maintenanace and support costs.
It's greener and you can manage all the communications across your network from one location – even from home!

6.  Pool all your lines and numbers from each branch or office and rent them at lower costs than you pay now.
We can send you one bill for convenience which can be itemised for each branch so you can still see the details you need.