Management Reports

Use your telephone system to inform you what’s happening in your business - when it’s happening and even why it’s happening.

Everything goes through the telephone system.

  • Sales calls and enquires
  • Supply chain and production issues
  • Customer complaints
  • People calling in sick
  • Departmental communication
  • Branch to branch communication

Our telephone systems send streams of data to call loggers and other types of reporting application whenever one of your staff makes a call or when someone calls you.
You can trap all that data and present it in useful ways.

Telling you who’s calling you, how often and if they are existing customers or new ones.
Telling you which of your advertisements gives the best response and even where and when to advertise and when not to.

agent skills report interface

Telling you which of your staff sell the most and why.
They can even tell less experienced staff how to sell more.

abandoned calls report screen

Agent analysis interface
Inform your decisions with key statistics and performance indicators with instant management information at your fingertips

The depth of information recorded and the multiples of ways that this data can be viewed and analysed is one of the most powerful yet least-utilised aspects of telecoms technology.

The information can be extracted and imported into your own favourite applications to provide an even more dynamic insight into how teams, departments or branches are performing.

Create your own customised reports which can be run whenever you need them or can be generated automatically at key dates/times.

Key benefits

  • Understand exactly what is happening in your business down to the last minute.
  • Control Costs
  • Identify and follow up potentially lost business opportunities
  • Inform your key management decision makers with accurate and current statistics.
  • Identify who is productive and efficient.
  • Identify optimum staffing levels
  • Identify training needs and monitor training effectiveness.
  • Monitor advertising and marketing effectiveness.
  • Support your customer care regime – identify trends, busy periods, and bottlenecks and manage your resources very accurately.
  • Rapid return on investment