The Power of Numbers

All phone numbers ring in one place - Not any more they don't!

 We can supply you with numbers that will deliver your calls anywhere you want, anytime you want . And you control the whole process from anywhere.

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Contact Point

Provides you with online control of your call routing and call information. This product empowers you to manage your Customer calls in an efficient and productive way, leading to improved Customer Service and higher Customer retention.

Features include:

Time of day/day of week routing, diverts on busy/out of hours and online graphical depictions of your Inbound call statistics.

Contact Path


A sophisticated package of Inbound services enabling you to manage and route calls across your business based on who the caller is, where they're calling from and your own internal operations.

Features include:


Time of day/day of week routing, diverts on busy/out of hours and area based routing according to local area code or telephone number of caller.

Easily interpreted graphs of your Inbound call statistics will be available online. Snapshot data provides you with results of call handling efficiencies - enabling you to make informed decisions.

Contact Pro


Professional Call handling... maximum efficiency

A full range of contact centre services delivered to your desktop, with a wide range of routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower you to perfect Customer Service. Control powerful call handling features such as Customer call announcements, auto attendant options and call queuing preferences. Complement this with Call recording and advanced online statistics for monitoring and management information that provides you with complete visibility of your Customers' calling experience.

In conventional network provision the number provided by a telephony operator like BT is sourced from the local exchange.
With our virtual numbers the link between number and location can be broken .
This enables unique, cost effective solutions that cannot be replicated within an ISDN network for example.

Think of the cost savings that can be made when businesses can take their number with them when they relocate their office.

  • No new numbers to organise and pay for.
  • No call diverts to pay for.
  • No costly advertising to redo.
  • Business as usual - your customers call you on the number they always called.

Think about how much more you could market yourselves if you could have Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Inverness and/or Dundee numbers all ringing in the Stirling office.
Our Virtual numbers let you create a local or regional presence for your company, products and services.

  • Advertise locally in new areas.
  • Calls are tagged so you can answer them accordingly.
  • Use these numbers to test-market in new towns or regions.
  • Monitor response using the on line management tool.