Working from Home

According to the UK Labour Force Survey, there are 2.2 million teleworkers in the UK - about 7.4% of the workforce.

women working from home  headset on laptop
man on a work webcam  man at home working

The number has been steadily increasing at an average 13% per year since 1997. Why?

  • The cost of the technology required has dropped so dramatically that it is no longer a barrier to even small companies and organisations.
  • The best expertise to meet the company's needs can be hired regardless of where the candidates live.
  • The technology is now so good that the home or teleworker has the facilites, secure access to network resources and communications media available from the home-office.
  • Now most can do everything they do in the office from their home.
  • The work-life balance most of us crave is now achievable.

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