Working from Anywhere

Work from where you want - when you want!

Things change fast. Suddenly you have to work from home or another office or from a customer’s office or a hotel.  

sitting outside on the phone

man sitting on the bed with a laptop and phoneman with laptop on car while speaking on the phone

Sometimes you are forced to work like this. Sometimes it’s just easier.

You will be amazed at how simple and straightforward this can be if we set it up for you.
Once it's set up you can manage it easily and instantly to change how and from where you want to work

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Linking the office phone system with a mobile device - Smart-phone, laptop or tablet via the internet is the key to real working mobility.

Most people have a phone on their desk as well as a mobile phone.
Most people have broadband connections at the office, at home and even via mobile internet accounts.
Many of our more mobile customers don’t even bother with telephone handsets – preferring to use a ‘soft-phone’ via their laptop with wireless headset.
Others prefer one of the great new telecoms apps on their Smart-phone or Tablet.

This arrangement gives them complete flexibility and they can take advantage of having full telecoms, messaging and all the resources of their office phone system while they are out in the field – or the hotel – or the building site – or the train - or at home.

Improve responsiveness to customer needs
•Work with complete flexibility of location
•React rapidly to changing or unforeseen circumstances with no detrimental effect on normal work plans.
•Recruit the best staff for your business regardless of where they live.
•Improve staff conditions and therefore staff retention
•Stay productive and yet keep the precious work/life balance working for you and your people.