Flexible Working

Now your company can work the way it needs to. No longer restricted by the costs or limitations of its telecoms and IT systems.

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There has been an explosion of creative thinking by the designers of communications systems, software and networking that has been been picked up and put to work by smart companies of every size and type.
This, more than any other development has enabled the small and medium company or organisation to compete agressively with their larger competitors. They are asking -

  • Do we need to operate from one large central location or could we have smaller, more strategically located offices linked together?
  • Can our work-force be more mobile and responsive to sales opportunities or customer service?
  • Can we extend our territory and still maintain control of costs and processes?
  • Can we hire the experts we need regardless of where they live?
  • Can our managers and key players operate from anywhere they are needed?

5 years ago the answers to these questions would often have been 'Maybe'. Today the answer is 'Yes'

In many cases we have been able to reduce operating costs whilst dramatically increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

Every month we are helping new customers set-up or evolve into smarter, more responsive, more competitive organisations.

Call us FREE or use our Ask the Experts service to discover so many ways you can make your business more flexible and competitive.


Working from Home


According to the UK Labour Force Survey, there are 2.2 million teleworkers in the UK - about 7.4% of the workforce.
The number has been steadily increasing at an average 13% per year since 1997. Why?


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Working from Anywhere

Working from anywhere

Work from where you want - when you want!

Things change fast these days. Something changes and you have to work from home or another office or at a customer’s office or in a hotel. Sometimes you are forced to work like this and sometimes it’s just easier.

You will be amazed at how simple and straightforward this can be.

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Centralised Mail

Centralised Mail

Nowadays messages can be as intrusive as the phone calls they are supposed to replace.
It's so easy to be swamped by emails, voicemail, faxes and now tweets.
And when you are working away from the office and need to get those important messages you don't want to have to log into 3 or 4 seperate systems to get them.
Take control of how, where and when you want to receive messages and when you do want them - get them all from one place.

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