Flexible Call Routing

Smart companies use their telephone systems to sell more and build customer loyalty

Take a minute to think about how your incoming calls are being handled.
Think of it from the caller's point of view.

Customers call for different reasons - to buy something, to request service, to ask advice.
Do they find themselves talking to exactly the right person they need?

busy girl on the phone  worried man on the phone   worries women on the phone

It's so important to them and to you that they speak to the right person immediately

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New sales are the the life-blood of any organisation but more and more it is apparent that top drawer service to existing customers is a major contributor to customer retention and thus to increased sales.



We'll be happy to demonstrate how some of our customers use combinations of their telephone systems, lines, numbers, mobiles and software to deliver the outcomes their customers are demanding.

We can ensure your calls are prioritised any way you want them to be.

Call us FREE or use our Ask the Expert or Try it Before You Buy It services to see how your incoming calls can be set up to improve your sales and customer service.

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Biggest customers to be answered first
Newest customers to be answered first
Response from your latest advertising to go to a special team
Out of Hours team answering calls in the office, at home or on the road
Sales or Service team’s screens pop-up with details of the customer calling
Southern office to take calls when the northern office is busy
Outside agency to take certain calls for you while you deal with the others
Identify previous callers and send the call to the person who dealt with it earlier.
Key customers classified as VIP customers and given special privileges
Calls answered by key people or dedicated account managers
Priority Answering
Ring-back facilities.
Call Queuing with intelligent hold messages
Position-in-Queue announcements
Time-to-answer comfort messages
Product information messages on hold
Skills based call routing

Sell more
Respond faster
Have happier customers
Deal with complaints better
Answer more calls with fewer people