Heavy Duty Recording

Some organisations need to record a lot of calls simultaneously.

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 Recording them is one thing, retrieving them easily when required is another

Our fully integrated recording applications ‘live’ on a PC on your network and access your telephone system across your network.
You decide which calls you need to be recorded. Calls are recorded to the PC as WAV files and can be retrieved quickly using a huge variety of search criteria.

  • All calls
  • Some calls
  • Calls to specfic numbers
  • Calls from specific numbers
  • Record all day – everyday
  • Record only on some days between specified hours


The PC can be set to automatically archive all the recordings as you need them and once again, even the archived recordings can be retrieved very quickly indeed.

Recordings can then be easily copied, imported onto other media, sent to colleagues, used for training purposes, proof of transactions – whatever you need.

Use our Ask the Expert or Try it Before you Buy it service to see how practical and effective Call Recording can be for your organisation


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  • Provides secure, reliable confirmation of verbal transactions.
  • Provides protection for your staff against telephone abuse.
  • Invaluable training aid for customer facing staff.
  • Can provide the final word in the case of disputes.
  • Monitor and improve customer care regimes and customer service levels
  • Meets most industry and professional body recommendations and regulations.