Tele-conferencing, Audio & Video Conferencing

We have conferencing solutions for every situation
From a quick three party chat to up to 64 simultanoeus conference users.
 connected world

  • The tele-conference is the method of choice for smart companies of every shape and size.
  • To hold meetings - even impromptu meetings.
  • Sales meetings
  • Customer consultations
  • Training sessions
  • Project co-ordination & collaboration.

No expensive travel arrangements, hotels, venues, or catering to arrange and pay for.
Just get down to business in the most straightforward way possible.

We really do have every type of tele-conferencing facility you'd ever need.

We're happy to talk you through all the options and recommend the best ones for your specific needs.

If you want to visit one of our demonstration rooms we can also show you these options in action and you can judge for yourself which ones would suit you most.


Simple Tele-conferences


When you need to co-ordinate meetings, activities or exchanges of information why waste time making repeated calls and sending emails back and forth. The telephone conference call is one of the most simple and practical facilities that we can all use to get everyone involved talking there and then. We have all the options right here.

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Audio Conferencing

Audio Conference

We have a huge range of crystal clear audio conferencing products for every situation which connect easily to your telephone system.

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Video Conferences

Video Conference


We have a range of video-conference products and methods you can use to collaborate with colleagues, make pitches and presentations to customers, train your staff or hold productive video-meetings with people anywhere.


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