Everything you need from a basic business phone line to fully managed office phone systems, conferencing services and business numbers.


Telephone systems, PBX systems, VOIP telephone systems or whatever you want to call them, are the tools of our trade.

They are the starting point and pivotal part of our office telephone system and general business telephone systems solutions.

The flexibility of the telephone systems we provide allow us to provide complete, practical, affordable and innovative solutions for our customers across the entire business community of Scotland.

As you would expect, all of our business telephone systems are proven and have full manufacturers support and we have huge experience in making these telephone systems work very hard for our customers.

We can connect a huge range of devices, resources, applications and low-cost lines to these telephone systems to make them the nerve centre of your business.

Our customers enjoy a range of services from initial consultancy through the best installation planning in Scotland to office telephone system user and admin training and a range of on-site and remote access maintenance options tailored to their specific needs.

The supply and provision of low cost lines as well as low cost calls means that Siebert customers can enjoy huge cost benefits thanks to our purchasing power with the UK’s biggest Network Service Providers.

telephone systems

Telephone Systems

Once, telephone systems were simple switches linking internal phones to outside lines. Businesses based their main operations on the limitations of their old PBX systems. Today there are no rules. Our systems can be set up for whichever way works best for your business.

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Lines, Numbers & Calls

Every single minute of every normal working day almost 15,000 people in Scottish businesses are engaged in a telephone call and are paying less for that call by using Siebert Network Services.

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Mobiles & Smart Phones

When you talk to us you won't feel like a caller in a call centre.We'll ask you what you want to do and how the mobile users in your business need to operate.

call center employee

Call Handling

Make sure that your very best people answer your most important calls all the time.We can make any of your numbers ring any phone or any group of phones, in any order, wherever they are and at any time

flexible working

Flexible Working

Work from where you want - when you want! Now your company can work the way it needs to. No longer restricted by the costs or limitations of its telecoms and IT systems.

call recording interface

Call Recording

 You can't keep everyone happy. Stuff happens; -people get upset;- All of our systems have call recording. If you do business over the phone, call recordings provide protection for you and your people.


avaya tele conferencing


Siebert customers can attend meetings any-time, anywhere and they can fully take part too – able to see, contribute, comment on and amend any material required to make the meeting a successful one.

Management Reports

Management Reports

The telephone system is a pivotal part of most businesses. If you think about it, everything goes through the telephone system. The depth of information recorded and the multiples of ways that this data can be viewed and analysed is one of the most powerful yet least-utilised aspects of telecoms technology.


Expert telecoms company

System Maintenance

If you have Avaya or Toshiba telephone systems even older, legacy systems we are fully equipped, accredited and ready to provide the maintenance cover you need.