Office Telephone Systems

Once, telephone systems were simple switches linking internal phones to outside lines.

Organisations developed their admin processes based on the limitations of their old PBX systems and many still use these methods unaware of the fact that today there are no rules.Today our telephone systems aren’t just cutting edge - Avaya and Toshiba business telephone systems are amongst the world's best sellers and have been for years because they are very reliable, scale-able - from very small to very large and very connectable and highly featured.

Other systems have come and gone like last years fashion fads but these two manufacturers remain amongst the biggest and most innovative in the world because their systems perform consistently well and are easy to reconfigure as our customer’s requirements and circumstances change – which they do, all the time.

Our systems handle every type of phone line, a huge range of telephones of every type and technology - they can be stand–alone or a network of systems and they can talk to the LAN or WAN and integrate with the different software and systems our customers use.

Our systems are as future-proof as it is possible to be.

Whichever way you look at them they tick all the boxes.