Maintenance and Updates


Horizon - Mobile Client Updates - 11/09/2017

We are pleased to announce that Horizon mobile clients will receive updates September 2017.

Horizon Android Client will be updated and refreshed on the 10th September. There are no major bug fixes or feature changes in this release.

Horizon iPhone Client will be updated and refreshed on the 120th September. The client will now make use of Apple's CallKit, enabling enable users to answer a Horizon call without unlocking the phone and applying call waiting if a GSM call is received whilst on a Horizon call.


Horizon - Nuisance Calls - 19/07/2017

As part of the continuous development of your Horizon telephony service, we are pleased to announce a new feature which will help to cut down on the number of nuisance or unwanted calls you receive.

Nuisance Call Management gives you the ability to reject incoming calls from anonymous numbers and/or you can setup a personalised list of blacklisted numbers that can be blocked from calling your business. These blacklisted numbers will be rejected with an appropriate announcement before the call is automatically terminated.

Initially a maximum of 12 numbers can be entered onto the Blacklist per ringing group, however this is likely to be increased in the near future.

If you would like more information on Nuisance Call Management please contact our Service Department on 01416433551 or and we will be happy to discuss the options with you. There is no on-going rental fee for this new feature therefore if it sounds like a useful tool and you already have a Horizon Managed Service give us a call and we can set this up for you free of charge. If you don’t have a Managed Service you can either opt for one now, place an order for Siebert to setup this feature or, if you are a System Administrator, we can point you to the right location on your Customer Portal.


Horizon - Polycom VVX Upgrade - 02/07/2017

Between the 4th and 20th July the firmware on all Polycom VVX handsets will be upgraded. The upgrade resolves a range of known behaviours and changes the layout of the home screen and menus.

Please be aware that the upgrade process requires the handset to be restarted. This is done automatically between 10pm and 4am as part of the process and we would like to remind you that any information that has been programmed directly onto the handset locally by a user, such as contacts or speed dials, will be removed as part of the upgrade process, this is standard behaviour following any device restart on the Horizon platform. These details should be added via the Horizon portal to ensure they remain available after the device is upgraded/restarted.

To ensure that contacts and speed dials remain available on the devices please add them via the Horizon Portal using the Contacts pages or Device Customisation settings. If you require any assistance with this please contact our Service Department on 01416433551 or and we will be happy to help.