The best selling Avaya IP Office

This is all the telephone system you'll ever need
all for only £1.75 per extension per week*.

Fully installed to your exact requirements by Avaya accredited engineers

Maintained FREE for the first year by an Avaya Accredited Scottish maintainer

Why you'll never need another system.

  • The Avaya IP Office starts small and grows economically as your needs change.
  • The Avaya IP Office starts as basic as you want.
  • Features and facilites can be added as you need them simply by adding licenses.

Even the basic set up is fantastic.

You don't have to use these features but they come as standard with the basic IP Office.
Why not use them to help your business sell more and provide top drawer customer service.
If you don't need them at first you don't need to switch them on.

Look at everything you'll get straight out of the box.....
...and all for only £1.75 per extension per week*


CLI Presentation

Displays incoming caller's number on your handset so that you can see who is calling you even before you've answered. Great feature for Service and Customer Care staff

As Standard

Menu-driven features on handsets

Most of us don't use half the features on our phone system even when they are really useful because we can't remember the short-codes to access them. Now you can access all the features you need from easy menus on your handset display.

 As Standard

Dial Contacts from handset menu

No need to keep lists of your favourite numbers or a phone book by your desk. Dial all your most used numbers straight from the menu on your handset display.

 As Standard

Dial from MSOutlook©

Even easier than dialling from the handset menu. Most of us use MS Outlook© for email, diary/calendar and contacts. The Avaya IP Office lets you dial from your Outlook contacts without touching the phone. No need to keep separate contact lists.

As Standard

Voicemail as Standard

Each telephone user has their own voice-mail box. Never miss an important call or message again. You can even copy a message from your mailbox to a work-mate’s mailbox and let them deal with it! Switch it on or off as required.

 As Standard

Voicemail to Email

If you are away from the office any voicemail messages left for you are also sent to your email address. Listen to your messages from home, while working away, on your smart-phone or laptop. Forward them on to someone else just as with any email.

 As Standard

Time-based Call Routing

Route your incoming calls to different destinations depending on time of day, day of week etc. Great for providing Out of Hours services to your customers. Send calls to out of hours sales people, home-workers, out of hours engineers- anywhere at all.

 As Standard

Call Queuing with Announcements

Callers waiting to be answered are placed in queues. You can reassure them they’ll be answered soon, play sales messages or both. Stops customers hanging up and calling someone else when your phones are busy.

 As Standard


Offers callers options i.e. Dial 1 for Sales, 2 for Service etc. Routes callers to the right person to handle their call whether that is an internal extension, another office, a mobile number, anywhere. Allows you to maximise sales and offer top-notch customer service around the clock if required.

 As Standard

Customisable Music-on Hold

Play different messages to callers on hold depending on their requirements i.e. Different Sales Messages or re-assuring customer service messages.

 As Standard

Conference Calls

Allows 3 or more people to talk together as on a single call. Hold ‘tele-meetings’, make arrangements easily, resolve customer complaints, train your team to handle customer calls or sales calls better.

 As Standard

Mobile Twinning

 Enables your mobile to be rung simultaneously with your desk phone. You get your calls wherever you are and your customers don’t have to redial to get you or worse, call one of your competitors if they can’t get through to you.

 As Standard

Mobile as an extension

Use your smart phone as your internal telephone extension – calls are sent to your mobile across the internet.

 As Standard

Windows-based Programming

Make changes to your telephone system programming from an easy, familiar looking menu-driven admin programme. Can be accessed remotely – even from home.

 As Standard

 Remote Maintenance

 Allows your system maintainer to access your system remotely to check system status, and identify and fix faults quickly.

 As Standard

























Licensed to Save you money

When you want the Avaya IP Office to get really advanced and  sophisticated you still don't need to spend extra money buying advanced features that only one or two people might need.
You can just add the licenses you need for the amount of people that need them - even if it's only one person.

Look at just some of the advanced features you can have just by adding licenses.

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - screen-popping your customer's records when they call you so you have all their details to hand.
  • Call Recording. Record all your calls, some of your calls, or selected calls. Retrieve recordings easily and use them to resolve disputes, train your staff, as proof of verbal transactions.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Linking the system to your sales  order entry system or diary system can enable you to take orders and payments from callers 24/7 or set up 24/7 fully automated appointment systems.
  • Voice Networking. Link additional offices together to act as one system. Benefit from sharing resources, staff and expertise.

Look at what else you'll get from us - and it's still only £1.75 per extension per week*

Free no-obligation initial consultancy.
This is FREE whether you have the Avaya IP Office or not - why not take full advantage and get all the facts.

One of our Avaya Accredited Account Managers will talk through your current set-up and the way you want your new system to work.
If you only want a really basic system set-up it might be a short conversation - maybe even over the phone - but they'll stay as long as you need so we understand what you need.
They'll give you great advice if you need it.
They can explain how other businesses use Avaya IP Office in similar situations.
They'll give you tips and tricks of the trade to keep your costs down.
They'll make sure the system is tailored to suit your business and your specific needs
They'll check your existing set-up details and make sure we know if you want us to re-connect any of your current set-up like lines, computer networks, software or even your old door-phone.

Pre-installation On-site planning with Avaya Accredited engineer.
These are the people who actually make it all happen.
They'll get down to the last detail with you.
As they guide you through the details they'll explain anything you aren't sure about.
You'll understand exactly how your Avaya IP Office will be set-up and we'll understand what we have to do.

Dedicated Installation Planner
This is the person who co-ordinates everything and keeps you informed all along the way.
Your planner will liaise with you and with who-ever you need us to talk to.
BT or other Network providers - your IT people - your builders, architects or other contractors.

We'll make sure that you get your new system fully installed on time and set up to start working for your business on day one.

To get more details about the Avaya IP Office and our fantastic £1.75 per extension per week* offer you can call us FREE or just send us the enquiry form below and we'll call you.

*Terms & Conditions apply