Home-working made easier

As a home-worker linked to one of our systems you can operate just like you do when you are in the office.

teleworker working at home                    working at home using avaya one x
You can securely log-on to the office computer network and access everything that you can normally access when you are in the office.

We can link your office telephone system to your email system and from home you can see the status of all telephone extensions on the office system and even other home-workers:-

  • If they they are busy
  • When they are in meetings or away from the office
  • When you make calls, the calls go out from the office lines not from the home line.
  • Your colleagues can still call you internally or transfer external calls to you at home.
  • They can still send you emails, voicemail messages even instant messaging and you can do the same with them.
  • You still receive calls from your direct dial numbers even when working at home.
  • Your ability to function at home is exactly the same as when you are in the office.


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