Free Telephone Curly-cord Untangler

End the misery of tangled curly cords - You'll wonder how you managed without one

In seconds you can go from this.... this.
Before                                                                 After

It's hard to believe but these are genuine photographs
All you'll need is one of these little beauties

                                                                                       not actual size

It's not big but it is clever
It's a Siebert Telephone Curly-cord Untangler
and it's FREE to existing customers

The Siebert Telephone Curly-cord Untangler can be fitted in seconds - no previous technical qualifications or experience is necessary.
It'll untangle your curly cord and keep it tangle free.

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All your friends and work-mates will want one too but this offer is restricted to only 2 FREE Telephone Curly-cord Untanglers per customer and even then, only while stocks last.

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