Fax to Email

Don't waste money on renting your fax-line(s). Most fax-lines are only used for a tiny proportion of the day.


Cancel the line rental on your fax line(s) BUT keep the number(s) active.

Use our Fax to Email service instead.
Never buy another fax machine and don't pay for support contracts or costly repairs.

Never buy any more paper or expensive toner cartridges.

Your fax-callers never get busy-tone - you can receive multiple faxes at the same time.

You receive your faxes as emails - view them from anywhere that you can currently see your emails - in the office, at home, while working away - on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart-phone.

View them with the rest of your emails or log in to our secure portal where you can store all your faxes for 6 months.


You can even have them sent to multiple people simultaneously or you can forward them on as easily as sending an email.

A secure & confidential, economical & efficient and very green solution.

Suitable for small businesses, site based users and users with a high number of incoming faxes eg.order lines, etc.

Current fax landline number can be ported off network or a new virtual number can be selected either 01, 02, 03, 0844 or 0871

Web management portal allows full, flexible control of delivery, gives immediate disaster recovery method and provides online stats to help you manage your business.

Monthly rental charges and connection fees are significantly less than rental of physical line

  • Save on Line Rental
  • Save On Replacement Fax machines
  • Save on Toner
  • Save on Paper
  • Save on Fax Machine Maintenance
  • Save Electricity

One call or tick the Fax to Email box on the enquiry form below and we can arrange everything.