Travel Agents Case Study


The leading Scottish Travel Agency having 2 large Call Centre and admin sites and over 30 branches throughout Scotland.
Highly marketing orientated. Marketing is focused on two main areas
Key departments where skilled advisors provide advice and guidance on different holiday types or destinations. (Europe, USA, Far East, Cruises, City Breaks etc)
Focused campaigns running throughout the year featuring special deals and packages

Travel Agents


It is a fundamental part of our service that customers responding to our marketing and advertising are able to speak to relevant experts immediately.


  • To provide a means of routing calls in two completely different ways.
  • Firstly, to route certain calls to departmental experts so that depending upon the customer’s preferred type of holiday or destination they are always talking to an expert.
  • Secondly, to route calls related to specific marketing campaigns to assistants who have been briefed on specific deals, offers or packages.
  • To provide a means of monitoring call volumes to each department or campaign group to immediately adjust available assistants when call volumes or seasonal demand requires it.
  • To provide the means of generating historic reports and statistics to monitor the effectiveness of marketing and staff performance.


Toshiba Strata CIX670 with ES Voicemail/Auto-attendant. Integrated Taske ACD Reporting and Call Centre supervisor capabilities. Oak Call Management and Reporting.

  • Both sites are connected via IP Qsig providing complete feature transparency between sites
  • All staff can call colleagues and/or transfer calls to any extension on any site without incurring call costs.
  • Staff on either of the large sites can be positioned in Departmental Call Groups or Marketing Campaign Groups if required regardless of their location.


We now have the ability to focus a huge diversity of expertise within the business
on our customers needs as demand requires.

  • Calls to the main number featured on web site and fixed advertising locations are answered by auto-attendant where callers are routed to the appropriate department depending upon their requirements i.e. Type of holiday activity, destination.
  • Skills based call routing is used to enable assistants with expertise in more than one area to join multiple departmental groups thus ensuring callers always talk with the people most experienced in their chosen holiday type.
    Calls to Marketing Campaigns are routed using different numbers for different campaigns or even different advertisements.
    These numbers are routed to specific groups of assistants who are briefed on the different campaigns currently running.
    Supervisors are able to monitor call-answer times and call volumes on individual assistants, campaign groups or total volumes of calls across all groups and are able to re-position assistants from group to group as peaks and troughs in call volumes vary throughout the day. This ensures that quality of response and other service performance indicators are maintained.
  •  Statistics and reports can be generated to monitor the effectivness of overall marketing activity and also that of individual marketing campaigns.
  • This enables marketing initiatives and even the selection of publications carrying advertising to be monitored in terms of response and in terms of how response is handled.

I can readily access all the systems Siebert have supplied from anywhere on our network. This allows me to manage any changes required easily so that we can respond and
react to changing circumstances very quickly.