Solicitors Case Study


Highly regarded firm of family and commercial lawyers founded over 100 years ago and based in central Scotland.
25 telephone users operating across three locations.

The initial contact and continuing communication with the client are critical to developing a good relationship. In many cases, the only direct contact that the firm’s staff will have with clients is over the telephone. 


  • To improve the customer's incoming call handling and general call experience
  • To enable marketing to be focused on one central number from which callers can be transferred easily to any of the three office locations.
  • To enable 'internal' calls to be made to any of the three sites without need to pay for external calls.
  • To easily locate and communicate with key fee-earners who moved between all 3 locations.

 We are certainly very happy with the savings we are making especially considering all the operational improvements we have been able to implement


Avaya IP500 telephone system

All locations connected via Virtual Private Network (VPN) using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and Avaya VOIP handsets.

  • All staff can call colleagues and/or transfer calls to any extension on any site without incurring call costs.
  • Marketing can focus on a single memorable number and callers can be transferred to any extension in any of the three office locations with no additional call costs incurred.
  • Partners and Fee-earners can work from any office on any site by logging on from any handset – internal extension numbers, direct dial numbers, voicemail and directory dialling are all seamlessly transferred to the logged-on handset.
    System administrator can easily make programming and set-up changes across all three offices from one location.


The new Siebert system and the phone management software is so much more reliable and really simple to use.

Calls to main reception can ‘over-flow’ when busy to other receptionist even when based in other locations.Key reception staff supplied with Avaya cordless headsets enabling them to answer calls hands-free even when away from the desk.


It’s an absolute boon because you are not tied to the desk. These have proved extremely practical and have also worked perfectly from day one