Housing Association Case Study

Housing Association manages over 2500 homes across east-central Scotland from two locations with over 40 telephone users.

Housing Association


  • Capability to link a second office located 20 miles away.
  • Capability to route calls to key members of staff and external agencies regardless of their location.
  • Manage peak levels of incoming calls (peaking at 900 per day) efficiently, directing them to the correct person or department as required automatically.
  • Required the ability to log calls and monitor call handling statistics to ensure calls are handled efficiently 24/7
  • Route important calls to external contractors so that tenants could register maintenance calls quickly without having to make second call both during and outside office hours so tenants would always be able to get the help 24/7
  • Call recording was required to improve the way in which calls are handled.
  • Required the ability to provide voicemail prompts and greetings in different languages.


Avaya IP500 with Contact Store call recording, Voicemail-Pro and PABX-Soft Call logging software.

  • 2nd office linked via Virtual Private Network (VPN) using latest Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP).
  • No separate telephone system or lines were required at the 2nd office.

IP Office has allowed us to extend our telephone system to a service office 20 miles from here. We did not want to go to the expense of installing a new telephone system for that office and we’ve been able to extend the system we have here using voice over IP
and that has worked very well.

  • System allows the seamless transfer of incoming calls either to the 2nd office or to any external number without the need for the caller to re-dial.
  • Auto-attendant programmed to offer a variety of options to callers and to route the caller too internal extensions or to pre-programmed external contractors dependent upon need or time of day.
  • Voicemail Pro/Auto-attendant also provides the facility to offer callers options spoken in different languages if required. Customer can manage facility and record voicemail prompts and messages accordingly when required.

We operate an emergency service at weekends where we program the Avaya system to forward incoming calls to mobile phones of tradesmen who can help them if they
have an emergency in their home. That’s proved to be very useful in practice.


  • Contact Store Call recording allows recording of specific, departmental or all calls.
  • Customer can search and retrieve recordings using a wide range of search criteria i.e. Number dialled, extension number answering, time of day, day of week or combinations of search criteria.
    Recordings are saved as separate files and can be played back using any type of media player, emailed to others and used in staff training, to confirm details of calls or to resolve disputes where necessary.

I was impressed by the professionalism and the detail of the project plan and also the assistance we were given in setting up the system.