Financial Services & Insolvency Services Practitioner Case Study

The Client

Financial Services

Scottish Financial Services business specialising in debt & insolvency services. Operating throughout the UK from 2 locations in Scotland & Lancashire. 50+ telephone users.

The Challenge

  • To create a platform which would enable the client to address the huge increase in the potential of the insolvency services market.
  • The client had identified the need to create a Customer Contact Centre resource capable of handling inbound calls and generating outbound calls up to quantities of 10,000 calls per week.
  • The solution needed to provide effective management control in order to execute and monitor numerous concurrent marketing campaigns.
  • The solution needed to be capable of providing screen-popping of customer database details on outbound and well as inbound calls.
  • The solution needed to be capable of handling up to 25 Contact Centre agents and provide full reporting on agent performance and recording of agent calls if required.
  • The solution needed to provide the facility to use VOIP voice networking to other locations as required.

The Solution

Avaya IP500 Telephone system equipped with CTI license. Call Recording. NMS Adaptive IPOffice Outbound Agent (Predictive Dialler). Mix of digital and IP handsets.

The decision to address the growing demand for personal debt and insolvency assistance led to the identification of predictive dialling technology linked to an industry specific CRM/Database which could enable pre-designated outbound call campaigns to be identified and executed.

The Avaya IPOffice, Outbound Agent Dialler and an industry specific database were linked allowing up to 10,000 pre-designated numbers per week to be dialled and for the agents involved to be presented with either a new contact screen or existing customer database record screen.

We were able to recruit and specially train 25 additional sales specialists who were fully occupied and very productive virtually from day one.

The inclusion of Avaya Contact Store Call recording technology also provided the resource required to record selective or all calls as well as being able to append the recording of each recorded call to the relevant database record. This might be used as required to instantly refer to and review historic records of customer contacts.
The deployment of Avaya IP hard-phones also provided the means to use VOIP in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) environment to use remote extensions in another office in Lancashire and thereby connect the two main locations.

The investment in this technology allowed us to successfully address a very large potential market indeed. The combined systems enabled us to do this in a highly controlled, monitor-able and efficient way.

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