Quality Assured

Committed to quality & consistency

Attention to detail and clear jargon-free communication with our customers ensure that we design solutions which really do the job.

This approach permeates the whole company and is so important to the way we do business that the processes, procedures and lines of communication are built into our Quality Assurance regime.

ISO 9001 Certified

It will come as no surprise then that we are an ISO 9001 registered company. Our commitment is to complete, ongoing improvement and we are audited regularly to ensure our adherence to this standard.

A huge proportion of our customers have been customers for many, many years – some have had several upgrades to their main system over the years as well as the addition of our systems into satellite offices as our customers have grown.

In a very competitive market with new fads and fashions cropping up all the time, this is testimony to our approach and the consistency of our service.