How We Make it Easier

We're the One-stop Telecoms Shop for Scottish Businesses

We supply, install and maintain

  • Business Telephone Systems
  • Software & Apps
  • Telecoms Hardware & Peripheral Equipment
  • Low Cost Business Calls and Line Rental
  • Broadband and Voice Over IP Connectivity
  • Mobile connections for businesses
  • Smart-phones, tablets & mobiles

You can talk to multiple suppliers for each of the categories above.

They'll all want to sell their product or service but they won't be as keen to take responsibility for how it fits in and connects with all the other elements.

We provide all the elements for a complete solution to make the entire process as easy as possible for you and your business.

Identifying Your Needs


These days, effective business telecoms are often based on combining the right telephone system with various types of line, different types of numbers as well as specialised software and apps.

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Buying What You Need

To Buy what you need

Very competive prices, 0% Leasing packages and multi-product bundles at great rates means that buying or financing your business telecoms equipment and services couldn't be easier.

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Installing Your System

Easier to Install

We have the best installation planning team in Scotland. Every element of each installation is documented, checked and co-ordinated.

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Using Your System

Easier to Use

By providing a range of user training options including individual and group training options. By providing system administrator training...

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Resolving Issues Fast

Easier to Fix

By providing a range of on-site maintenance cover options to suit your needs.

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